Dolphin Mile Surf Swim Series

 The start of Dolphin Mile Surf Swim Series events follows registration in the Marine Surf Lifesaving Club clubhouse facility.  The course is set, marshalled and patrolled by members of the Marine SLC safety team with rescue swimmers in the surf break, a crew in an inflatable, and others on surfskis and Malibu boards under the watchful eye of the Safety Officer, Mike Raubenheimer, and his staff of MSLC crew, and event organizer, Heather Campbell.  The course start and finish positions are adjusted for Dolphin Mile events, according to prevailing surf conditions and in the best interests of the participating swimmers’ safety.

 Thanks go to MSLC members at the Club for sharing their Club facilities with the growing number of Dolphin Mile swimmers, their families and friends.  

The dates of all the 2017 Series events are carried elsewhere on our website. Swimmers completing 6 or more of the 9 Series events will receive special recognition, at the end of the series, for their level of participation.  Dolphin Mile Surf Swim Series 2017 T-shirts will be on sale at registration. Dolphin Mile Surf Swim Series swim caps (compulsory for all swimmers) will also be issued, at a nominal cost to participants, on registration for the event.   

Race Dolphin Mile Surf Swim Series 8
Website www.dolphinmile.co.za