Techniblock is a broad spectrum sunscreen offering protection against the sun’s harmful UVA & UVB rays. Techniblock is NOT an emulsion; it is an alcohol solution which means that it is free from surfactants and emulsifying agents, boosting its water resistant properties.

Some of the benefits of Techniblock are:

  • It is water and sweat resistant.
  • It will not block pores and therefore allows the skin to breathe making it ideal for all sports people.
  • It penetrates through hair effortlessly and passes straight on to the skin.
  • It is non-greasy, disappears rapidly and does not interfere with sports activity.
  • Within 30 seconds, there is no trace of its presence on your skin – no scent, oiliness – just an invisible barrier.
  • It lasts for hours because of its staying power.
  • It will not mark clothing or swimwear and sand will not stick to it.
  • It is recognized by the Cancer Association of South Africa as protection against the harmful effects of the sun.
WEBSITE www.techlab.co.za
CONTACT NUMBER 011-6741091